Scam & Alert

We at HRD Certificates value the integrity of our learners and want to warn you about scams. Some people might make a HRD Certificates scam call or send you scam emails offering jobs or certificates in exchange of monetary funds. But, please know that HRD Certificates doesn't do that.


Here are some important things to remember:

Instant Certification: We only give certificates to people who pass our tests. We don't give them in exchange for money


Partners and Branches: HRD Certificates Reviews only works through its official channels. We don't any Partnership or Franchise, if its call so, it's a scam!


Study Material: We don't sell questions or sets of questions. Each person gets different questions to keep things fair and get their certification


If you see anything suspicious or get offers claiming to be from HRD Skills, please tell us at right away.


Happy Learning!

Thanks & Best Regards