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About Us -

Islamic banking, with its ethical and Shariah-compliant principles, has gained significant traction and global relevance in the contemporary financial world. The Global Islamic Banking course by HRD Certificates provides a detailed understanding of Islamic banking, its principles, practices, and its role in the broader financial landscape. Whether you are a financial professional, student, or an individual interested in ethical finance, this course offers a deep dive into Islamic banking's core concepts and its global impact.

Program Impact-

Maximum Salary Hike:


Open Jobs Globally


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USD 110K

Course Curriculum -

All courses are taught by expert subject matters with some modules taught by industry leaders for practical learning and industry cases. Course content is in the form of videos, cases, projects, assignments and live sessions.


  • Module 1 : Introduction to Islamic economics and FinanceIntroduction to Islamic economics and Finance
  • Module 2 : Islamic Finance Structures
  • Module 3 : Islamic Retail Products
  • Module 4 : Islamic Corporate Products
  • Module 5 :  Islamic Treasury Products
  • Module 6 :  Islamic Funds
  • Module 7 : Takaful
  • Module 8 : Sukuk - Islamic Bonds
  • Module 9 : Zakat
  • Module 10 : WAQF

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Jesus Kiehn
Amazing course

Extremely thorough with every topic with segmented modules for a complete understanding of Global Islamic Banking and Finance. Amazing course by HRD Certificates. I highly appreciate it!

Lavina Ledner
It is well presented

HRD Certificates understood the essence of Global Islamic Banking and Finance with this course! It is well presented with comprehensible resources and valid key points easy to grasp!

Royce Hansen
amazing support system

I was delighted with this HRDC-accredited Global Islamic Banking and Finance course by HRD Certificates. It has everything from extra resources, an interactive interface, and an amazing support system. Highly recommended!

Yadira Parisian
one of the best HRDC accredited courses

Great institution with one of the best HRDC accredited courses in Global Islamic banking and finance; I was amazed to have learned the principles of Global Islamic banking with them!

Tyrique Ziemann
Highly Recommended

This course is a valuable addition to my knowledge of finance, and I highly recommend it.

Why Join This Course? -

Growing Industry Demand:

Islamic banking is a rapidly growing sector globally, offering a unique and ethical approach to finance.

Ethical Finance Principles:

Learn about the principles of Islamic finance, which are based on ethical and Sharia-compliant practices.

Diversify Your Skill Set:

By enrolling in a Global Islamic Banking course, you diversify your skill set and enhance your employability.

International Perspective:

This course is likely to cover international case studies and industry best practices, preparing you for a career that transcends geographical boundaries.