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About Us -

Discover the power to streamline and optimize business processes through this comprehensive program. Dive into a dynamic learning experience that goes beyond the conventional, equipping you with hands-on skills to navigate the intricacies of ServiceNow administration. Our course stands out as a beacon for those seeking not just theoretical knowledge but practical expertise. Join us to unlock the doors to a realm of opportunities where you gain a profound understanding of ServiceNow, empowering you to drive organizational efficiency and innovation.

Facts -

The global supply chain market is expected to experience a CAGR of 11.2% from 2020 to 2027.

Program Impact-

Maximum Salary Hike:


Open Jobs Globally


Industry Average Salary

USD 110K

Course Curriculum -

All courses are taught by expert subject matters with some modules taught by industry leaders for practical learning and industry cases. Course content is in the form of videos, cases, projects, assignments and live sessions.


  • Module 1 : Introduction
  • Module 2: ServiceNow Overview
  • Module 3: List
  • Module 4:Table & Form Creation
  • Module 5: Data Dictionary
  • Module 6: User Administration and Data Security
  • Module 7: Update Set
  • Module 8: Import Set
  • Module 9: Workflow & Flow Designer
  • Module 10: Service Catalog
  • Module 11: SLA
  • Module 12: Notification

Featured Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Geneva Bishop
Group Projects

The group projects were insightful, promoting teamwork and collaboration. However, a more structured approach to group assignments would have facilitated better coordination.

Fred Wood

The lack of interactive elements in the course made it monotonous. Incorporating more engaging activities would have made the learning experience more enjoyable.

Leroy Dawson
Soft Skills Development

The course did not focus much on developing soft skills, which are essential in a professional setting. Incorporating communication and teamwork modules would be advantageous.

Luz Allen
Course Structure

The course structure was well-organized, with clear modules and learning objectives. It made it easy to track progress and understand the flow of topics.

Mercedes Hebert

The assignments were challenging, providing a good opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge. However, clearer instructions would have reduced confusion.

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Mastering ServiceNow Proficiency

Practical Application Emphasis

Proven Track Record

Future-Proof Your Career